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Our Products


We are working to bring to market some of the ideas previously only conceived in the intelligence community.  Check below for a sneak peek at some of the software products now being developed or ready for purchase and deployment.


Give the power of Situational Awareness to every member of your team.


The Peer Software Solution is an application-based Situational Awareness Tool allowing users to visualize multiple types of static, time-sensitive, and dynamic data in one web-based common operating picture that’s pushed to virtually any handheld mobile device. Users instantly visualize live data feeds, such as friendly force locations and live incident scenes, overlaid on a map with enterprise data-sources. This allows each team member to know exactly where every other member is, who they are, and what they are doing or plan to do, while simultaneously communicating details about how and when to conduct an action.

Peer cuts across organizational boundaries by combining data from federal, state and local levels onto one common and widely disseminated live picture. This level of team-wide awareness reduces risks, allows faster respond times, and eliminates duplication.  All data flowing through Peer is stored to enable playback. Every single event is recorded to aid in incident reconstruction or training development.

Previously, Situational Awareness Tools have been available exclusively to those with tens of millions of dollars to build and maintain custom command and control centers. Now, thanks to the pairing of graphic-rich visualization with increasing cellular bandwidth, Peer can bring Situational Awareness to any internet, Wi-Fi or cellular-enabled device. Leveraging hardware and infrastructure already in use, Peer is available at a fraction of the cost of old-fashion command and control centers.


With the preponderance of information and potential for overload, Peer allows individual users to intelligently filter out what they deem to be clutter, and provides control alarms for critical event notification.


Furthermore, when working temporarily with other Peer-enabled agencies, Peer allows groups to judiciously share specific data streams with each other.  Exhaustive control over what can be shared with --or hidden from-- others can help collaborators share the right datasets while protecting the more sensitive data when working with other groups.


To empower users with more flexibility, Peer also facilitates communication with an integrated chat feature to better respond to incidents in a real-time, dynamic environment.


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