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Eyes Only software developers pride themselves on maintaining a close relationship with analysts who are in need of custom software solutions.  With years of experience rapidly prototyping software that allows analysts to quickly convert arrays of data from disparate sources into actionable intelligence, Eyes Only engineers successfully keep a pulse on customers' needs and wants to continue improving, enhancing and streamlining our software to meet evolving intelligence needs.

Municipal Applications
  • Eyes Only Systems is taking the tried and true concepts of data fusion and real-time decision-support software from the intelligence community to the local community.  Law enforcement and other first responders will gain an enhanced sense of situational awareness which will dramatically

  • improve their decision making ability

  • ​increase the safely of their agents in the field

  • create actionable scenarios instead of reactive situations.


When National Security is on the line, there is little tolerance for error.  The Eyes Only team is built of individuals, each with their own reputation for delivering quality software solutions that meet or exceed the customer's needs.  Eyes Only employs developers with the unique skill set of having developed software to asymmetrically ingest multiple simulated and live telemetry sources into one smooth 3D visualization, giving analysts and mission managers a single, clear picture of battle space management necessary for making time critical intelligence decisions that balance mission goals against the health and safety of assets.

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